Game Schooler Notebook – Scoring Routes

Scoring Routes - Notebook

The Scoring Routes Game Schooler Notebook© helps students practice addition and multiplication after completing a game of Ticket to Ride: First Journey.  

A game of Ticket to Ride: First Journey ends when one of the players completes a sixth destination ticket. 

With this Notebook, students practice math by calculating scores for each train route they completed after finishing the game.   The gamers score points based on values from the original Ticket to Ride Board Game.  Players are encouraged to use addition or multiplication, depending on their skill level.  After completing this project, students will be one step closer to playing the full version of Ticket to Ride.

Scaffolding is the technique of providing students with information and context for future learning opportunities. This Notebook scaffolds students from addition to multiplication while preparing them to play the full-game of Ticket to Ride. We have also included alternate scoring for kids to practice using tens.

We encourage you to share this Game Schooler Notebook with anyone you’d like. After all, Ticket to Ride is one of the most popular board games in the world! So let’s get this Notebook out there!

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