Our Curriculum

Modern tabletop games can effectively develop core cognitive skills such as focus, comprehension, attitude, critical thinking, and self-improvement. Here is a collection of tools designed to harness that educational value to create unique and engaging learning opportunities. Learn about the exciting tools that families, homeschoolers, and k-12 educators can use to build those skills!.

Game-Based Learning

Game-based learning positions the students as gamers to engage with learning material by playing and interacting with tabletop games. Then, students apply these gameplay experiences to real-life scenarios. By using tabletop games to drive the learning process, students stay immersed and active. Game-based learning develops leadership skills, teaches new concepts, fosters positive behaviors, and increases communication. Which is to say it gives our students some of the most reliable tools necessary to succeed.


Tabletop games allow us to unplug from our virtual worlds and share experiences, to be fully engaged in an activity as a group. We must maintain these personal connections with one another, and tabletop games can help facilitate these interactions. Believe me, the Game Schooler staff loves technology, but if we fail to slow down and peal our faces away from a glowing display once and awhile, we may forget the very things that make us human.

The Tools

Game Schooler Podcast©

The Game Schooler Podcast© is a weekly audio show in which Doug and Michael recommend a new game while highlighting its hidden educational aspects. Listeners also receive a behind-the-scenes peak at new projects and the instructional design process that goes into our Discussion Guides and Skill-Builders. Lastly, each episode concludes with a Weekly High Five list of additional games you may want to explore. Hear the latest episode →

Recommended Games Database

The Recommended Games Database is a collection of Game Schooler Approved, quality, family-friendly games for parents, teachers, and families. These games meet our strict standards and offer unique learning opportunities for young players to develop crucial cognitive skills. If you’re looking for inspiration, a gift, or something to spice up your classroom, check out the Recommended Games Database. In today’s world of tabletop gaming, there is truly something for everyone. Browse the Database →

Discussion Guides©

A Game Schooler Discussion Guide© is a list of carefully crafted, open-ended questions to help facilitators explore the game with their students. These guides reinforce and strengthen the skills learned during play. The Game Schooler Discussion Guides© are versatile tools that give parents and educators the ability to to tailor the learning process to their gamers. The questions in these guides can be used to start a simple conversation, a deep dive into strategy, or the launching point for a full test or essay. Most importantly they support positive growth and development in your students as gamers and humans. Browse our Discussion Guides →