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    Game Schooler utilizes modern tabletop games to educate students in entertaining and innovative ways to increase engagement while bringing families together in an offline world.

    Our primary focus is the development of Game Schooler Skill-Builders© and Game Schooler Discussion Guides© that work in tandem with some of the most popular tabletop games currently available. These Guides focus on skills, such as risk management and leadership, that have proven challenging to teach effectively. Of course, you could purchase these Guides individually or better yet, Enroll in Game Schooler "U"!

    Game Schooler Develops

    Social Skills

    Gaming increases our ability to communicate with one another, share ideas, and work through problems together.

    Cognitive Skills

    Gamers are immersed into worlds that require critical, strategic, and tactical thinking, all while fostering creativity.

    Emotional Skills

    Tabletop games offer opportunities for kids to develop patience, resilience, empathy, and most importantly gain confidence.


    Game-Based learning allows students to acquire the decision-making, resource management, and listening skills leadership requires.


    Browse our selection of Skill-Builders and Discussion Guides  to transform today's most popular tabletop games into educational super-courses.


    Uncover our database of Game Schooler Recommended Games.  These games have been hand-selected to enhance any collection.


    The Game Schooler Podcast is your source for educational tabletop game recommendations, top five lists, and game-based learning insights.

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