Why Unplugged?

Why Unplugged?

As we’ve previously talked about, Game-Based Learning is an established theory and practice. So, why does Gameschooler focus on unplugged? Although we are both 80’s babies raised on copious amounts of VHS and all things Nintendo, we’re also fathers of three school-aged children (3 each for a total of six if you’re keeping score at home). What we’ve noticed regarding our own children’s dependence on devices and screens bothers us immensely. Talking about the opportunity for skill development through board games excites us tremendously. The mission of their company is to bring families together by teaching kids through engaging board games.

More completely: Game Schooler utilizes modern tabletop games to educate students in entertaining and innovative ways to increase engagement while bringing families together in an offline world.

We want students to be highly engaged and immersed in what they are doing. We aim to bring families and communities together. To accomplish both of those two BIG goals, we need focused attention. That attention occurs when the devices are off or put away, and folks play games together without distractions.

Here’s the core benefit of gameschooling: people develop skills. If you’re a teacher, that should excite you. Whether you’re teaching to a classroom of 24 tweenagers or homeschooling your five kiddos, gameschooling is a viable method to teaching skills and engaging with academic subjects.

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