The High Five: Games To Play With Your Kids

Games To Play With Your Kids

This week, let’s talk about five great games you can play with your kids. There are a plethora of games geared entirely toward kids, but that doesn’t mean I want to play them. Sure, I could introduce the girls to more complicated games, but I don’t want to play like a Neanderthal to keep things competitive. Here are five great games you can play with your kids at full speed without bruising your precious ego.

Ticket to Ride: First Journey

5. Ticket to Ride: First Journey

Ticket to Ride: First Journey is the “junior” version of Ticket to Ride, but don’t let that moniker get in your head. The game functions precisely like the original. There are two main differences between this and its big brother. First, a colorful picture represents each city on the map to aid those without reading skills. The second main change is that players now race to complete a pre-determined number of destination tickets. As a result, scoring points is no more. It’s no surprise that this is a recommended game, and we’ve developed some unique Skill-Builders for this title!

Dragon's Breath

4. Dragon’s Breath

In Dragon’s Breath, the dragons collect gems by “melting” the ice trapping the shimmering trinkets. Players choose which color gems will fall when the ice melts and collect any jewels that fall. The plastic gems drop onto the game board by removing a transparent ring (“the ice”) holding the gems.  Dragon’s Breath is a simple concept, offers a decent amount of luck, and is a fantastic introduction to probability.



Be the first to get rid of all of your cards to win a round of LLAMA.  Although dropping out of the round earlier might be a better option.  The game includes a deck of cards with numbers ranging between 1-6, and llama cards, of course!  On each turn, players must play a card to the center pile, draw a new card from the deck, or drop out of the round.  Knowing when to walk away can make all the difference in this one!  LLAMA is easy to learn, helps young players learn numbers and colors, highlights risk management, and works with the whole family, even Grandma!

Concept Kids: Animals

2. Concept Kids: Animals

Concept Kids: Animals is a cooperative game in which the clue-giver uses the game board to describe the animal in question to the other players without talking.  What’s the catch?  The kids are the clue-givers!  The game board includes colors, habitats, and other distinguishing characteristics for your kids to choose.  Watching your kids give clues is a treat to behold and makes me smile every time I play this one.  There’s a grownup version of this one too!

Ice Cool

1. Ice Cool

Flicking plastic penguins with ballbearings in their bottoms is a blast!  Sometimes my kids pull off miracle shots that leave their old man in awe.  Ice Cool or (ICECOOL) is a simple flicking, dexterity game that is easy to learn and big on laughs.  The game comes with 4 penguins and a frozen school you build with the game’s box.  You can even combine it with ICECOOL 2 to create a super map!

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