Game Schooler Launches Innovative Curriculum

Educational games suck! Meanwhile, modern board games engage people of all ages by encouraging interaction and discussion during and after gameplay. There has been a long-standing unfulfilled need to connect modern tabletop games with learning, until now.

After a year and half of research and design, Doug Kotecki and Dr. Michael McCabe, the creators of Game Schooler, have filled that void, by crafting a curriculum designed to be used with today’s most popular board games.  This innovative approach to education includes products such as Skill-Builders, Subject-Builders, and Discussion Guides.  With Skill-Builders, students use board games to strengthen skills that have proven difficult to effectively teach with traditional methods.  Subject-Builders introduce students to wide variety of topics, which are then reinforced by game play.  Lastly, Discussion Guides offer parents and teachers a wide variety of open-ended questions to explore with their kids.  In addition, they produce a free, weekly podcast with recommended games, gaming and education discussion, and curated game lists.

This original, standards-aligned content and curriculum is ideal for home-school, library, and classroom settings!  Creative and engaging content for recognizable titles such as Pandemic, Ticket to Ride, and Catan are available at launch, and new content is released weekly.  For a limited time, Game Schooler is giving away the Skill-Builder, Naming a Virus, for the smash hit, Pandemic.  

Doug Kotecki is a board game enthusiast and founder of Tabletop Game Gallery. Doug brings his expertise to the Game Schooler company as the Chief Curator. Doug’s ability to discover great family-friendly games ensures Game Schooler is recommending and developing content for quality games over a wide variety of genres.

Dr. Michael McCabe is a veteran classroom teacher, school designer, and building leader. His background in developing engaging curriculum and designing STEM and project-based learning programs has allowed the dynamic duo to develop a catalog of content for learners in grades K-12. 

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