The High-Five: Food Games

The High-Five: Food Games

On this week’s Game Schooler Podcast, we explored the High-Five Food Games. Folks may think food is a popular theme for board games, but I think it lacks proper representation. After all, we do eat every day. At least I do; I don’t know about your schedule.

Before I proceed to the list, I wanted to highlight some honorable mentions. In no particular order, they are MorelsChocolate Factory, and Truffle Shuffle.

Now, onto the list.

Sushi Roll

5. Sushi Roll

Sushi Roll is a dice chucking/drafting version of the popular card drafting game Sushi Go. This version has chunky, colorful dice and offers unique options the original does not. For example, by drafting dice instead of cards, players have a chance to see everything available on the table at once. Another slick possibility is the chance to re-roll a dice you don’t like. You can’t do that with cards. Sushi Roll is bright, colorful and fun for the whole family.

New York Slice

4. New York Slice

New York Slice is a relatively simple game about dividing pizza slices among the players. The catch is that the player who divides the portions picks last. One of the highlights of this game is the attention to the theme’s details. The game box opens like a pizza box, the rulebook looks like a menu, and the scoring sheets look like guest checks. New York Slice has a fun theme, fast gameplay, and a very approachable subject matter.

Point Salad

3. Point Salad

Not hard to imagine Point Salad making this list. After all, it is one of our recommended games! Point Salad is a simple game of collecting vegetables and scoring cards. Almost everything you do in this game earns points, which is so satisfying. This game’s simple mechanisms build confidence in younger players, and the brightly colored artwork keeps them engaged. You can learn more about the game Point Salad and the origins of the term “point salad” in our latest podcast.

Sushi Go Party!

2. Sushi Go Party!

I could have put Sushi Go! on this list, but I think Sushi Go Party! delivers even more bang for your buck. Each game of Sushi Go Party! can be customized from the vast menu of options included in the game. Sure, this adds to the setup time, but the variations keep players coming back for more. Add in the increased player count, and you’ve got yourself a great addition to your family’s collection.

Wok Star

1. Wok Star

Those of you who know me know I am not usually a fan of real-time games. A real-time game encourages players to take turns as fast as possible and penalizes them for not completing tasks on time. Wok Star is a real-time game, and I love it. In Wok Star, players are owners of a Chinese Restaurant. They have four days to earn enough money to pay back a bank loan or face bankruptcy. In this cooperative game, players work together to purchase ingredients and serve customers before their time runs out. Along the way, players add new recipes and upgrade their preparation cards to serve more customers and make more money. I’ve never run a family restaurant, but this seems like an excellent training program! Sure, it’s hectic at times, but Wok Star is a blast to play.

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