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Marvel United

Cooperative Game
1-4 Players
About 45 Minutes
Grade 3 and Up
Game Schooler Recommendation
Marvel United© brings the Avengers to the table in an innovative cooperative gaming format. We recommend this game for many reasons, and re-playability is one of the top factors. The mix of different characters and various location cards ensure that no two games are exactly the same. What makes this game unique is that each player relies on and uses the actions from the player that went before them. Collaboration and critical thinking are everywhere in Marvel United©. The gameplay is fast, creative, and fun! Another reason we recommend this game is because of the components! These figures are dying to be painted!
Game Overview

Marvel United is a fast-paced, cooperative game where players take control of Marvel Super Heroes and band together to thwart the master plans of the most dangerous Villains in the Universe. Marvel United is visually stunning with gameplay that challenges you and your friends.

Supervillains are sowing discord, seizing power, and crushing ordinary people—seemingly unopposed. But where powerful villains rise, so too do mighty heroes! They’ll travel the world, protecting the innocent, facing down threats, and confronting these villains, once and for all. Only by standing united will you have any chance of victory! The fate of the world is in your hands!

Curriculum For This Game
  • Logistics Logistics
  • Risk Management Risk Management
  • Critical Thinking Critical Thinking
  • Spatial Perception Spatial Perception
  • Strategic Thinking Strategic Thinking
  • Tactical Thinking Tactical Thinking
  • Confidence Confidence
  • Resilience Resilience
  • Resource Management Resource Management
  • Time Management Time Management
  • Communication Communication
  • Cooperation Cooperation
  • Group Discussion Group Discussion
  • Problem Solving Problem Solving
  • Selflessness Selflessness
  • Teamwork Teamwork
  • Contemporary Literature Contemporary Literature
  • Arithmetic Arithmetic
  • Drama Drama
  • Art Art
Game Details
  • Type:Board Game
  • Category:Cooperative Game
  • Designer(s): Andrea Chiarvesio, Eric M. Lang
  • Published: 2020
  • Game Length:About 45 Minutes
  • Players:1-4 Players