Episode-157 – Marvel-United-Revisited

Episode 157 - Marvel United Revisited

In this episode of the Game Schooler podcast, the Doug & Michael discuss their new setup, share a Small World story, talk about instant turnoffs in gaming, and revisit their Game of the Week, Marvel United. They discuss the game’s mechanics, art, affordability, and replayability. They also provide insights into the game’s educational value and its ability to promote skills such as selflessness, problem-solving, and communication. The hosts share their personal preferences and discuss the importance of knowing what turns them off in a game. The hosts discuss various aspects of board games, including inappropriate content in family-friendly games, issues with one versus many games, considerations for game length and complexity, challenges of solo gaming, post-game frustrations, the importance of aesthetics and artwork, and the role of rulebooks in game enjoyment. They also share their top five games that could benefit from new artwork.

00:00 Introduction

01:13 New setup and plans

02:07 Small World story

03:05 Turnoffs in gaming

08:17 Game of the Week: Marvel United

17:44 Review of Marvel United

43:31 School of Gaming: Instant Turnoffs

50:09 Inappropriate Content in Family-Friendly Games

52:06 Issues with One Versus Many Games

54:31 Considerations for Game Length and Complexity

58:45 Challenges of Solo Gaming

01:00:13 Post-Game Frustrations

01:01:13 Importance of Aesthetics and Artwork

01:02:39 The Role of Rulebooks in Game Enjoyment

01:04:44 High Five: Games That Need New Artwork

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