Introducing Game Schooler Notebooks

Game Schooler Notebooks

One our main goals at is to help folks start gameschooling. Of course we have the podcast and recommended games, but up until now we haven’t had any free resources to use with your students. 

Those of you who have been with us from the beginning may be familiar with our Skill-Builders.  A Game Schooler Skill-Builder© is a guided lesson that works in conjunction with a tabletop game to provide families and educators with guides, activities, and projects to harness the educational value of some of the most popular games available today. These products feature the educational foundation behind the activities, helpful hints, and step by step guide for implementing each lesson. Each of our Skill-Builders also included a Game Schooler Notebook which contained the actual Skill-Builder activity. 

We have decided to release these Game Schooler Notebooks in a podcast segment called “Gameschooling In Action”.  We no longer want to keep these powerful tools behind a paywall.  We want to give them away for Free!  We encourage you to share them with anyone and everyone you think might enjoy activities like this.  Whether you’re a seasoned teacher looking to add something new to your curriculum or a fresh faced graduate building your first lessons, you can use these Notebooks to create engaging and unique activities for you class to explore.   These projects are not exclusive to traditional teachers.  If you’re a homeschooling or rock star parent you can use our Notebooks to provide innovative lessons and activities for your kids. 

Without further ado, we’d like to introduce our first Game Schooler Notebook for the smash hit, Catan. Click here to learn more and download. 

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