Board Game
2-4 Players
About 45 Minutes
Grade 5 and Up
Game Schooler Recommendation

Quadropolis is an abstracted city-building game with rules not entirely based on tile placement. Of course, players score points based on where they place each tile in their cities, but they must also balance power and citizens to excel. In addition, the tile selection process forces kids to find solutions for acquiring the tiles they want and where they want to place them. This push and pull mechanism exercises your brain in an oddly satisfying way.

Game Overview

In Quadropolis™ you enact the role of the Mayor of a modern city. You will need to define a global strategy to build your city according to your Inhabitants’ needs and outmatch your opponents, sending your Architects to have various buildings erected in your city. Each building allows you to score victory points. There are various types of buildings with different scoring patterns; many of them may be combined for better effect. Will you be able to meet the challenge and become the most prestigious Mayor in history?

  • Competition Competition
    Develops healthy competitive habits as two or more parties compete for a goal that cannot be shared.
  • Risk Management Risk Management
    Players must identify, evaluate, and prioritize options to reduce the impact of unfortunate events or risks.
  • Spatial Perception Spatial Perception
    Strengthens a player’s understanding of the spatial relationships with the objects in their environment as well as themselves.
  • Strategic Thinking Strategic Thinking
    Encourages players to develop a process or long-term strategy for accomplishing a goal.
  • Tactical Thinking Tactical Thinking
    Challenges players to make decisions based on currently available information.
  • Resilience Resilience
    Teaches players how to quickly recover from and cope with difficulties.
  • Resource Management Resource Management
    Boosts a player’s capacity to efficiently and effectively oversee available assets.
Game Details
  • Type: Family Game
  • Category: Board Game
  • Designer(s): François Gandon
  • Published: 2016
  • Game Length: About 45 Minutes
  • Players: 2-4 Players
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