Board Game
2-6 Players
About 45 Minutes
Grade 3 and Up
Game Schooler Recommendation

Alhambra is a modern classic for a reason. Dirk Henn’s game combines simple rules with satisfying depth as players add new tiles to their central fountain. The game does a great job of stretching spatial perception muscles while balancing tile types, currency, and placement. Throw in the bonus turns for buying buildings with exact change, and you’ve got yourself a resource management master class! Alhambra is an ideal addition to your next family game night!

Game Overview

In Alhambra, players acquire buildings to place within their Alhambra complex. On a player's turn they can take money from the money market, purchase a building from the building market, or remove/swap buildings placed in the player's Alhambra or reserve.

Alhambra rewards efficiency and players purchasing buildings from the market for exact money may take another turn,

Players with the most buildings in each of the six building types in his Alhambra score points in each of the three scoring phases. Points are also awarded for each players' longest external "wall" section within their complex. The player with the highest score wins.

  • Competition Competition
    Develops healthy competitive habits as two or more parties compete for a goal that cannot be shared.
  • Spatial Perception Spatial Perception
    Strengthens a player’s understanding of the spatial relationships with the objects in their environment as well as themselves.
  • Tactical Thinking Tactical Thinking
    Challenges players to make decisions based on currently available information.
  • Decision Making Decision Making
    Allows players to make decisions based on currently or previously available information.
  • Observation Observation
    Rewards careful watching with attention to details and behaviors in order to understand or arrive at a judgement.
  • Resource Management Resource Management
    Boosts a player’s capacity to efficiently and effectively oversee available assets.
Game Details
  • Type: Family Game
  • Category: Board Game
  • Designer(s): Dirk Henn
  • Published: 2003
  • Game Length: About 45 Minutes
  • Players: 2-6 Players
  • 2003 Spiel des Jahres Winner
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