Game Schooler Notebook – Power Play

Power Play Notebook

Disney Villainous is a family board game with a heavy dose of strategy. In this game, you are playing as one of the many villains from the Disney™ universe. The tricky part is that each Villain has a unique win condition.  Not only do you need to know your own Villain’s nuances, but understanding your opponent’s objectives is a key factor to ensuring a good time is had by all. 

Gamers explore each of the six villains before playing the game. The player gets five minutes to study each villain’s player guide and cards. Gamers complete the section on each villain before moving on to the next villain. This Game Schooler Notebook© includes a quiz to prepare students to play AS and AGAINST each villain. This activity approaches learning and recall from a unique and engaging perspective. After completing this Notebook, gamers will have a personalized guide to help them make this complex game more enjoyable.

How do children learn? And how do children know they learned? This Notebook tackles those important and often overlooked questions. Each character in Disney Villainous™ plays differently and has different objectives for winning. By studying these characters, this Notebook simulates activities required in the professional world. Can someone take information, learn it, and execute actions based off what they’ve just comprehended?

We encourage you to share this Game Schooler Notebook with anyone you’d like. After all, Disney Villainous is one of the most popular board games in the world! So let’s get this Notebook out there!

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