Episode 160 – Forbidden Jungle

Episode 0160 - Forbidden Jungle

In this episode, Doug and Michael discuss their recent experiences, including a story about encountering a wizard at a Goodwill store. They also talk about using roll and write games for handwriting practice and highlight the GameSchooler Discord server. Doug and Michael discuss the cooperative and engaging gameplay Forbidden Jungle, the Game of the Week. The conversation then shifts to the topic of adapting hobby games for the classroom, considering the constraints of time and player count. They discuss strategies such as utilizing solo modes, turning games into mini cooperative experiences, and using games as worked examples to teach concepts. In the Game Schooler High-Five, they discuss classic games like Yahtzee, Guess Who, and Monopoly that deserve more respect and still provide enjoyable gaming experiences.

00:00:00 – Introductions, Wizards, and What’s Awesome In Gaming
00:18:29 – Game of the Week: Forbidden Jungle
00:41:00 – Adapting Hobby Games for the Classroom
01:00:36 – Classic Games That Deserve More Respect

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