Episode 158 – Colorbrain

Episode 158 - Colorbrain

In this episode of the Game Scholar Podcast, Doug and Michael follow-up on last week’s high five list, the impact of screen time, a new fan group on Board Game Arena, the benefits of campaign and legacy games, and the bonding and friendship that can be fostered through gaming. They also highlight Colorbrain as their Game of the Week, a family-friendly trivia game that is accessible to players of all ages. They also delve into the concept of fighting the inner completionist in the School of Gaming segment. In the first part of the conversation, Doug and Michael discuss the concept of expansions and completionism in board games. They advise being aware of the reasons behind purchasing expansions and not falling into the trap of buying them without actually playing them. They also acknowledge that it’s impossible to be a completionist in the board game hobby due to the constant release of new games and expansions. They end the episode with a High-Five List of Retail Games That Feel Deluxe!

00:00 – Introduction – Follow-Up & What’s Awesome In Gaming
14:34 – Game of the Week: Color Brain
28:36 – School of Gaming: Fight the Inner Completionist
43:57 – High Five: Retail Games that Feel Deluxe

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