The Game Schooler Podcast is a weekly audio show that educates new and experienced family gamers about the awesomeness of tabletop gaming. We highlight great games with a focus on the community and skill-building opportunities provided by modern board games.


The Game Schooler Podcast is your source for everything awesome in family gaming including top five lists and game-based learning insights.


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Chat and discusss with Doug & Michael and whole community of family gamers and gameschoolers about anything and everything awesome in gaming.

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Gameschooling Develops


Gaming increases our ability to listen to one another, observe our surroundings, and concentrate on the task at hand.


Players learn to follow directions and more quickly understand concepts as they learn new games.

Healthy Attitudes

Tabletop games offer opportunities for kids to develop integrity, kindness, graciousness, and empathy.

Critical Thinking

Gamers are immersed into worlds that require processing information, problem solving, and decision making.


Gameschooling allows students to work toward and meet goals while improving personal self-mastery skills.