Zombie Kidz Evolution

Zombie Kidz Evolution

Cooperative Game
2-4 Players
Under 15 Minutes
Grade 2 and Up
Game Schooler Recommendation

Simple rules and speedy gameplay make Zombie Kidz Evolution an ideal candidate for gameschooling. Zombie Kidz Evolution encourages interaction and problem solving without the rules bloat of other co-op games. Throw in the legacy element, which unlocks new rules, player powers, and wrinkles to gameplay, and you’ve got a game your Kidz will want to come back to again and again.

Game Overview

Zombie Kidz Evolution is the first "legacy"-style game for kids, with basic gameplay similar to the 2013 title Zombie Kidz — but things will quickly evolve! In the game, the young players are at school when zombies start to attack, infiltrating the entryways, then barring the way to classrooms. Players move through rooms and entryways to eliminate zombies and keep the zombie reserve full. If a zombie must enter the school but none are available, then the school has been overrun and the players lose. To win the game, players need to lock each of the four entryways as apparently the custodian has abandoned the post and given up the school for lost. As players get better, they can complete missions, track their development through a trophy-sticker system reminiscent of video games, and open envelopes that contain new material for the game, upping the challenge they face while also providing them with new powers and new heroes as well.

  • Logistics Logistics
    Allows players to manage production flow between the point of origin and consumption.
  • Risk Management Risk Management
    Players must identify, evaluate, and prioritize options to reduce the impact of unfortunate events or risks.
  • Tactical Thinking Tactical Thinking
    Challenges players to make decisions based on currently available information.
  • Resilience Resilience
    Teaches players how to quickly recover from and cope with difficulties.
  • Communication Communication
    Fosters an environment in which players must share information, news, or ideas.
  • Time Management Time Management
    Improves a player’s ability to organize and plan how long they spend on specific activities.
  • Cooperation Cooperation
    Encourages players to work together toward a common goal.
  • Group Discussion Group Discussion
    Instigates the sharing of ideas, the solving of problems, or providing feedback within a group.
Game Details
  • Type: Children's Game
  • Category: Cooperative Game
  • Designer(s): Annick Lobet
  • Published: 2018
  • Game Length: Under 15 Minutes
  • Players: 2-4 Players
  • 2020 Kinderspiel des Jahres Recommended
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