Silver & Gold

Silver & Gold

Roll & Write Game
2-4 Players
About 15 Minutes
Grade 2 and Up
Game Schooler Recommendation

Silver & Gold is from one of our favorite game designers, Phil Walker-Harding. This small card game is full of depth and engaging gameplay. Gamers must use markers to cross off polyomino shapes on their treasure cards to score points. Silver & Gold is full of tactile goodness and plenty of opportunities for players to improve their spatial reasoning skills. Did I mention you get to write on cards? Don’t worry; they’re erasable, and the quality components ensure you’ll be playing this one for a while!

Game Overview

Distant islands, golden treasures—who hasn’t dreamed of them?! You are in luck, because the treasure is in your hands. You are holding Silver and Gold: pure, addictive gold by Phil Walker-Harding, designer of such bestsellers Sushi Go, Imhotep, and Baren Park. Players must rain X’s down, rapid fire, in the right configurations to close out island cards and hit the right bonuses before they can jump to the next card. Silver and Gold is a game of luck, bad luck, quick manipulation and exhilaration. You’ve found your fortune.

  • Competition Competition
    Develops healthy competitive habits as two or more parties compete for a goal that cannot be shared.
  • Risk Management Risk Management
    Players must identify, evaluate, and prioritize options to reduce the impact of unfortunate events or risks.
  • Spatial Perception Spatial Perception
    Strengthens a player’s understanding of the spatial relationships with the objects in their environment as well as themselves.
  • Strategic Thinking Strategic Thinking
    Encourages players to develop a process or long-term strategy for accomplishing a goal.
  • Tactical Thinking Tactical Thinking
    Challenges players to make decisions based on currently available information.
  • Confidence Confidence
    Promotes and increases a player’s trust in their abilities and qualities.
  • Resource Management Resource Management
    Boosts a player’s capacity to efficiently and effectively oversee available assets.
Game Details
  • Type: Family Game
  • Category: Roll & Write Game
  • Designer(s): Phil Walker-Harding
  • Published: 2019
  • Game Length: About 15 Minutes
  • Players: 2-4 Players
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