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Your Famous City - Skill-Builder

As youngsters, the world doesn’t seem much bigger than our houses, schools, or places of worship. It’s hard to comprehend the vast number of cultures, cities, and countries that exist on this planet. The goal of this Skill-Builder is to get students thinking about the municipality in which they live.

Now, imagine the city you live in is in the game of Ticket to Ride: First Journey© and on the map!

** Requires the board game Ticket to Ride: First Journey© to fully implement.

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Skills & Subjects

Students will discover the following Skills and Subjects while completing this Game Schooler product.

  • Creativity Creativity
  • Communication Communication
  • Presentation Presentation
  • Problem Solving Problem Solving
  • American History American History
  • Art Art
Required Game

Note: This Game Schooler product requires the following game to fully implement

Ticket to Ride: First Journey

Players of all ages can now venture across America by train in Alan R. Moon’s Ticket to Ride: First Journey. With a brand new map and simplified rules, First Journey is the perfect way to introduce new players to the game of cross-country travel.

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Additional Details
  • Age:Grades 2 to 5
  • Format:PDF
  • # of Pages:15
Table of Contents
  • 1. Table of Contents
  • 2. Introduction
  • a. Overview
  • b. Key Outcomes & Objectives
  • c. Subjects
  • d. Instructional Design
  • 3. Setup
  • a. Before You Begin
  • b. Materials
  • c. Learning the Game
  • 4. Gameplay Guide
  • a. Starting the Game
  • b. During the Game
  • c. Finishing the Game
  • 5. Project Guide
  • a. The Project
  • b. Implementation
  • c. Ideas & Helpful Hints
  • d. Conclusions
  • 6. Student Guide
  • a. Directions for the Student
  • 7. Leveling-Up Guide
  • a. Leveling-Up Ideas
  • 8. Appendices
  • n1. Notebook - Your City - In Focus
  • n2. Notebook - My City
  • b. Gamer Elements
  • c. Credits / Copyrights / Terms