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Super Hero Soapbox - Discussion Guide

Super Hero Soapbox is a Discussion Guide for the board game Marvel United©. This Guide includes over 45 unique questions ranging from personal opinions, strategy, and game design.

A Game Schooler Discussion Guide© is a list of questions to help facilitators explore the game with their students and strengthen the skills learned during play. These are conversation starters for growth and development as gamers and humans.

Required Game

Note: This Game Schooler product requires the following game to fully implement

Marvel United

Marvel United is a fast-paced, cooperative game where players take control of Marvel Super Heroes and band together to thwart the master plans of the most dangerous Villains in the Universe. Marvel United is visually stunning with gameplay that challenges you and your friends.

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This product is compatible with Marvel United by SpinMaster Games/CMON. This is NOT an Official SpinMaster Games/CMON product/project. This is a non-licensed product and all trademarks and copyrights are properties of their respective owners.