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Horrified: Universal Monsters™

Cooperative Game
1-5 Players
About 60 Minutes
Grade 4 and Up
Game Schooler Recommendation
Horrified: Universal Monsters is one of the few games about movie monsters that isn't frightening and fits in seamlessly into a family game night. This is a cooperative game in which everyone works together to defeat these famous monsters. The game is extremely flexible because the difficulty can be scaled up by adding more monsters to the mix. Every game of Horrified: Universal Monsters feels unique because each monster behaves differently and has unique conditions for defeat. This game excels at teaching young gamers about logistics and working together to complete a task, which is a good skill to have when monsters are destroying your village!
Game Overview
A city screams in terror! A cooperative game against the world’s most famous monsters. The village is under attack! Dracula, The Mummy, Frankenstein’s Monster, his Bride, and more are on the rampage, and your team of heroes must defeat them. Each monster offers an entirely unique challenge, and players can adjust the difficulty by playing against a new group of adversaries every game! Overcome them all before the horror overwhelms you!
  • Logistics Logistics
  • Risk Management Risk Management
  • Critical Thinking Critical Thinking
  • Spatial Perception Spatial Perception
  • Strategic Thinking Strategic Thinking
  • Tactical Thinking Tactical Thinking
  • Resilience Resilience
  • Resource Management Resource Management
  • Communication Communication
  • Cooperation Cooperation
  • Group Discussion Group Discussion
  • Problem Solving Problem Solving
  • Teamwork Teamwork
  • Competition Competition
  • British Literature British Literature
  • Art Art
Game Details
  • Type:Board Game
  • Category:Cooperative Game
  • Designer(s): Prospero Hall
  • Published: 2019
  • Game Length:About 60 Minutes
  • Players:1-5 Players