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Business As Usual - Skill-Builder

Machi Koro is a game of perpetual asset management. Much like a real business or city, in the game of Machi Koro, you have money coming in (Income) and money going out (Expenses). In this Skill-Builder, gamers substitute the money tokens included in the game with real life currency in the form of pennies, nickels, and dimes. As the game progresses, students record when they gain money, and how much. In addition, they'll record every time they lose or spend money. At the end of the game, each player will have a ledger and income statement for their fledgling city.

Counting money with coins is a 2nd grade standard. There’s a well-documented gap between knowledge and application when it comes to knowing how to count money and using it. Students take on the role of a business manager with the responsibility of tracking expenses and revenue. This Skill- Builder takes the 2nd grade skill and applies it to understanding basic business principles for students in grades 4-6.

** Requires the board game Machi Koro to fully implement.

Skills & Subjects

Students will discover the following Skills and Subjects while completing this Game Schooler product.

  • Comprehension Comprehension
  • Personal Responsibility Personal Responsibility
  • Resource Management Resource Management
  • Business Culinary Arts
  • Arithmetic Arithmetic
  • Economics Economics
Required Game

Note: This Game Schooler product requires the following game to fully implement

Machi Koro

Machi Koro is a fast-paced game for 2-4 players. Each player wants to develop the city on their own terms in order to complete all of the landmarks under construction faster than their rivals. On their turn, each player rolls one or two dice. If the sum of the dice rolled matches the number of a building that a player owns, they get the effect of that building; in some cases opponents will also benefit from your dice (just as you can benefit from theirs). Then, with money in hand a player can build a landmark or a new building, ideally adding to the wealth of their city on future turns. The first player to construct all of their landmarks wins!

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This product is compatible with Machi Koro by Pandasaurus Games. This is NOT an Official Pandasaurus Games product/project. This is a non-licensed product and all trademarks and copyrights are properties of their respective owners.
Additional Details
  • Age:Grades 4 to 6
  • Format:PDF
  • # of Pages:17
Table of Contents
  • 1. Table of Contents
  • 2. Introduction
  • a. Overview
  • b. Key Outcomes & Objectives
  • c. Subjects
  • d. Instructional Design
  • 3. Setup
  • a. Before You Begin
  • b. Materials
  • c. Learning the Game
  • 4. Gameplay Guide
  • a. Starting the Game
  • b. Special Notes
  • c. Finishing the Game
  • 5. Project Guide
  • a. Implementation
  • b. Ideas & Helpful Hints
  • c. Conclusions
  • 6. Student Guide
  • a. Directions for the Student
  • 7. Leveling-Up Guide
  • a. Leveling-Up Ideas
  • 8. Appendices
  • n1. Notebook - Gameplay Ledger
  • n2. Notebook - Balance Sheet
  • b. Glossary
  • c. Credits / Copyrights / Terms