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Animal Quest - Skill-Builder

Kids love animals and they love facts about animals. In this Skill-Builder students embark on a quest to complete their very own Animal Journal. After finishing a game of Planet, students explore up to 5 of the animals inhabiting their completed planet. Students must investigate each animal’s traits and record their findings. This Skill-Builder incorporates basic research, art, and presentation skills.

The target audience for this activity is students in grades 3-5. Researching in a library or appropriately online is a learned skill. This Skill-Builder provides needed opportunities for students to become confident finders of fact. The opportunity for students to draw animals is one that will excite some and terrify others. As with research, drawing is also a learned skill. Art is integrated into this project to bring out the creativity that exists inside every child.

** Requires the board game Planet to fully implement.

Skills & Subjects

Students will discover the following Skills and Subjects while completing this Game Schooler product.

  • Critical Thinking Critical Thinking
  • Comprehension Comprehension
  • Reading Reading
  • Writing Writing
  • Communication Communication
  • Business Culinary Arts
Required Game

Note: This Game Schooler product requires the following game to fully implement


The spark of life is about to jump from your hands to spread out in the world. Deploy your mountain ranges and your deserts, spread out your oceans and your glaciers. Handle wisely your continents to form environments suitable for the apparition of animal life and maybe you'll manage to create the most densely populated planet! In Planet, each player receives a planet core without anything on it. Each turn, players choose a tile with mountain/ice/forest/desert on it and place it on the planet. Then the player who fulfills the most conditions for the appearance of certain animals gains its card.

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This product is compatible with Planet by Blue Orange Games. This is NOT an Official Blue Orange Games product/project. This is a non-licensed product and all trademarks and copyrights are properties of their respective owners.
Additional Details
  • Age:Grades 3 to 5
  • Format:PDF
  • # of Pages:18
Table of Contents
  • 1. Table of Contents
  • 2. Introduction
  • a. Overview
  • b. Key Outcomes & Objectives
  • c. Subjects
  • d. Instructional Design
  • 3. Setup
  • a. Before You Begin
  • b. Materials
  • c. Learning the Game
  • 4. Gameplay Guide
  • a. Playing the Game
  • b. Finishing the Game
  • 5. Project Guide
  • a. Implementation
  • b. Ideas & Helpful Hints
  • c. Conclusions
  • 6. Leveling-Up Guide
  • a. Leveling-Up Ideas
  • 7. Appendices
  • n1. Notebook - Animal #1
  • n2. Notebook - Animal #2
  • n3. Notebook - Animal #3
  • n4. Notebook - Animal #4
  • n5. Notebook - Animal #5
  • b. Gamer Elements
  • c. Credits / Copyrights / Terms