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Game Schooler in Libraries

Added Value

Game Schooler products add value to libraries by providing learning opportunities for patrons to interact with each other and their library in a social setting that promotes cooperation, interaction, and a level-of-discovery consistent with values associated with media centers.

New Readers

Adding board games into your collection immediately draws in a group of readers who may otherwise be hanging out at their local game store. This niche group has expanded from readers of fantasy fiction to include a variety of patrons.

Shhhh! Games Don't Belong in a Library

Games bring people together, and Game Schooler is the librarians trusted source for culling through the 4,000 game published annually to select appropriate and engaging games that drive positive social interaction among your patrons. Use our Recommended Games to make sure you're bringing high-quality, family-friendly board games into your library.
“Most board games are explicitly designed to encourage social interaction. At a time when many parents and educators are worried about the passive, isolated consumption of digital media, board games get people of different backgrounds engaging with each other across a table, solving problems, improving a number of practical skills, and having a good time. When looked at from this perspective, board games cannot be dismissed as mere diversions but are instead critical to the library’s mission to foster community and lifelong learning"- American Library Association


Going back decades, librarians have used board games as teaching vehicles for “soft skills” and to bring patrons together. Librarians use Game Schooler Skill-Builders©, Subject-Builders©, and Discussion Guides© to reinforce and expose students to skills and subjects. These educator-designed lessons allow the librarian to confidently check-out the materials to patrons and educators alike.

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