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Game Schooler in K-12 Schools

Designed By Educators

Game Schooler products are intentionally designed by educators to increase student academic engagement. Participation precedes engagement, and the Game Schooler Skill-Builders© and Game Schooler Subject-Builders are created to enhance learning opportunities so that students are participating in the classroom, and teachers can focus on teaching specific skills and subjects.

New Ways To Learn

Over 4,000 games were published last year alone; and Game Schooler does the heavy lifting for you. We find family-friendly games that align the subjects and skills teachers are desperately attempting to convey to students. Cooperation, rule-following, and leadership; these skills are taught right alongside science, social studies, computer science, and language arts.

Educational Games Suck

Schools are running to Game Schooler to clear out the board games hiding in teachers closets that only come out when there’s a sub or the day before a vacation, and are stocking their libraries, after-school programs, and classrooms with rich content designed to engage students based on the games they enjoy playing.
Let's be clear; we don't recommend educational games that are occasionally fun. We recommend fun games that are always educational in teaching success-building skills and/or traditional subjects. Every game on our website has at least one educational element, and if it's not fun to play, we don't care how educational it is.

Teaching with Game Schooler

Teachers use our lessons to place students in leadership and decision making situations. Board games force perspective taking, and open dialog that can only happen once a student becomes a gamer. Game Schooler is designed by educators to increase student academic engagement and create situated learning experiences for students.

Kindergarten Teachers

Use our lessons at stations to reinforce and teach colors, shapes, letters, and numbers. and to accelerate learners advanced in fluency and comprehension.

2nd & 3rd Grade Teachers

Use our lessons to push advanced learners by increasing their fluency and comprehension.

Middle & High School Teachers

Use Game Schooler Lessons as companion pieces to reinforce difficult concepts such as the periodic table or COVID-19 in a middle school science class to teaching secondary sources and writing a DBQ in APUSH.

Game Schooler for Administrators

Administrators purchase our lessons to provide innovative learning opportunities for students. High performing teachers need engaging content, and Game Schooler has been created to do just that - every lesson is aligned to teach both skills and subjects.
A building leader completing a walk-through where Game Schooler Lessons are happening will see students immersed in deep and technical conversations.
As with any content, the materials is only as good as the person leading it, and if you have high performing teachers, or faculty on a plan-of-improvement, the Game Schooler content will allow you to keep your high performers happy and at the same time coach a teacher into greatness.

Game Schooler Certified

All of the Game Schooler Recommended Games have been vetted by educators and gamers alike and have bee play-tested for quality, fun, appropriateness, and educational value.

New Content

As with the content and curriculum you’re used to purchasing, every Game Schooler product reinforces skills and subjects and will draw-in students to new learning opportunities.

Integrates With Programs You Already Have

Materials offered by Game Schooler fits into existing school subjects and foster innovative learning opportunities with STEM, computer science classrooms, and libraries.

Easy to Implement

All of the Game Schooler products have been created to make implementation a breeze so teachers can focus on learning opportunities instead of busy work. We include all of the instructions, helpful hints, and follow-up ideas you'll need to build your students to the next level.

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