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Homeschooling With Game Schooler

The Best Teachers

As a parent, you are the best teacher of your child, and Game Schooler provides you with guides, activities, and projects to keep you one step ahead. Choice and voice are built into every lesson, and students will have the opportunity to go above and beyond with the level-up mechanisms built into nearly every Game Schooler product.

A Schedule that Works

Doug and Michael recognize that parents are in charge of their family and there’s nothing more important than preparing your child to take on this world. Game Schooler fits into your individualized lifestyle by providing engaging, customizable, and family friendly games and bundles them with fun and rigorous lessons.

Student-Directed Learning

Student-directed learning is a philosophical approach favored by Game Schooler. The material we develop and the games we market have been thoroughly vetted to provide home schooling families with hours of learning alongside rich family-bonding experiences. Your child, your student, and your gamer will be a part of a movement where leadership and decision making are integrated into the academic subjects and board games.

Family Friendly

All Game Schooler games pass a rigorous and thorough vetting process. We recognize that many of our home school families are on the go, and whether you pull out on of our games at home, on vacation, at church, or your community center, you’ll have the reassurance that every Game Schooler Recommended game is family friendly and age appropriate.

What Families Are Saying

Homeschool families have reacted positively to initial play testing and have expressed appreciation with the technical teaching and learn ing aspects integrated into every lesson.
“The Game Schooler Skill-Builder©, Reporting During A Pandemic, allowed me to unpack the COVID-19 virus to my eleven year old in a manner that I was comfortable with. Through board games, she was able to see how current events have impacted the world. This is one of the best new homeschool products on the market."- Jason

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