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Our Curriculum

The Game Schooler Curriculum is a collection of tools designed to harness the educational value present in modern tabletop gaming and create unique and engaging learning opportunities.

See below to learn about the exciting tools that make up our curriculum and see how families, homeschoolers, and k-12 educators can implement this exciting program for your gamers.

The Tools


A Game Schooler Skill-Builder© is a guided lesson that works in conjunction with a tabletop game to provide families and educators with guides, activities, and projects to harness the educational value of some of the most popular games available today. Our Skill-Builders are designed by professional educators and avid gamers so you can be confident your kids are learning, having fun, and staying engaged. What's more, you don't have to be a licensed professional to implement a Game Schooler Skill-Builder©, we've designed the Skill-Builders to be comprehensive and easy to use. Explore the Skill-Builders →


Most board games are inspired by a subject or theme, but more often than not, players are left in the dark about the background or context of these themes. A Game Schooler Subect-Builder© explores the context of a tabletop game, and introduces students to a wide variety of topics and subjects. This unique approach allows leaders to expose their students to new areas of exploration and provides fun ways to re-inforce those subjects through game play. Each Subject-Builder offers a brief introduction to the subjects represented in the game, quick quizzes for assessment, and unique ways to level-up your learning. Explore our Subject-Builders →

Discussion Guides©

A Game Schooler Discussion Guide© is a list of carefully crafted, open-ended questions to help facilitators explore the game with their students. These guides reinforce and strengthen the skills learned during play. The Game Schooler Discussion Guides© are versatile tools that give parents and educators the ability to to tailor the learning process to their gamers. The questions in these guides can be used to start a simple conversation, a deep dive into strategy, or the launching point for a full test or essay. Most importantly they support positive growth and development in your students as gamers and humans. Browse our Discussion Guides →

Game Schooler Podcast©

The Game Schooler Podcast© is a weekly audio show in which Doug and Michael recommend a new game while highlighting its hidden educational aspects. Listeners also receive a behind-the-scenes peak at new projects and the instructional design process that goes into our Discussion Guides and Skill-Builders. Lastly, each episode concludes with a Weekly High Five list of additional games you may want to explore. Hear the latest episode →


The Best Teachers

As a parent, you are the best teacher of your child, and Game Schooler Skill-Builders© provide you with guides, activities, and projects to keep you one step ahead. Choice and voice are built into every lesson, and students will have the opportunity to go above and beyond with the level-up mechanisms built into nearly every Game Schooler Skill-Builder©.

K-12 Schools

Designed By Educators

Game Schooler is intentionally designed by educators to increase student academic engagement. Participation precedes engagement, and the Gamer Schooler Skill-Builders© are created to enhance learning opportunities so that students are participating in the classroom, and teachers can focus on teaching specific skills and subjects.


Added Value

Game Schooler products add value to libraries by providing learning opportunities for patrons to interact with each other in a social setting that promotes cooperation, interaction, and a level-of-discovery consistent with values associated with media centers.